Anzani & Bellini

Panorama Heights Cebu 6000

Anzani & Bellini

This is a little secret among both expats and tourists, even if it's ranked number one at Tripadvisor. For Cebu, this is not among the cheaper places, but compared to a European restaurant in the same class the price is a bargain.

Like other chefs we're presenting, Marco Anzani has been around the world, and worked in this business for 25 years. He has worked with top chefs like Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse and Trignois. His wife, Kate Dychangco-Anzani, has a bachelor's degree from Le Cordon Bleu so this couple should know what they're doing.

The interior is really elegant, and you understand why the Italians worship beauty and arts. Anzani has been open since Nov 2008, the former restaurant here was the Orchid. Dine inside or outside, in their private chamber or in the wine cellar. It contains 1200 different New World Wines, whereas 20 % Italian.

Lock me in and throw the key please!

Talking to Marco, you understand he doesn't compromise about their quality. They demand the best, and import a lot from suppliers who can satisfy their high standards. The Oysters are imported live from France, and are excellent. Therefore, I copy their own description of their cuisine from the website, afraid of saying something wrong:

Anzani cuisine is NEW MEDITERRANEAN in nature. New Mediterranean describes the coastal Mediterranean style and flavour based mostly on the following ingredient: olives, tomatoes, chickpeas, lemon, herbs and cheese's. Marco's preparation and technique is based on the rich tradition of Mediterranean foods but in a modern style and presentation. Every dish represents a journey into a hitherto unexplored culinary terrain.

I ask to take a look at the menu, and I believe 6-7 elegant menus are presented in front of me. For the dinner a la carte, have a look.



After dinner, chill out in their Bellini Champagne Bar. There are live music here every day, and a DJ fridays. If you wish you save some money, drop by Saturdays 1700-1800 for 50 % discount - happy hour.

Read more at their website

Drop by, have a nice evening and say hi from Lars@Ycebu!


Reader Comments:

fanboat commented:
Sep 13, 10 -5:04 AM

Wonderfull menu...

Is it ok to ask the price?

Or shall I just bring a big wad of cash with me?

lars commented:
Sep 13, 10 -1:12 PM

Hi Erik. I don't think they've listed the prices. We were there 8 persons last year, and I believe the total bill was around 15K(I didn't pay!). That was two or three courses each including some beers and bottles of wine. Just drop by and check them out, they have a good variety.

1200-1400, 1800-2330
Yes(Allowed outside)

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